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Montana Lemon Law

If you have a lemon in Montana, Lemon Law for Consumers can help and we’ll make the manufacturer of your
lemon pay your bill!*

Fast Lemon Fax : Is your vehicle a 2003 or Newer? Has it been in the shop too many times or too many days? Fax copies of your repair records to 866-773-6152, we'll let you know FAST if you have a case! You can also email records to help@LemonLawForConsumers.com
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The Lemon Laws are different in each state; you need an experienced Montana Lemon Law lawyer to represent you. The lemon law attorneys associated with this site have handled thousands of Lemon Law cases involving all sorts of products, including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, SUV’s, RV’s, boats, computers and other household appliances and consumer products. We know how to use the consumer protection laws in Montana and the federal law to fight for your rights and YOU don’t pay any fees!* For a free consultation and review of your potential lemon call toll free 888-KO-LEMON or submit your information online now.

Misinformation from your dealer, the mechanic at the repair shop, or the manufacturer concerning what you may be entitled to under the law shouldn’t deter your efforts. Don’t let them bully you into thinking you can’t seek legal help or that you don’t “qualify”. Your rights are determined by the Lemon Laws in your state and the Federal Lemon Law (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act). Our firm can determine if you qualify under these laws, submit your information now for a Free Lemon Law Case Review, we’ll let you know fast. Though each case is different, if you are interested in finding out how a case proceeds, visit the Lemon Law process page or call Lemon Law for Consumers at 888-KO-LEMON for answers to your questions and for more information.

When you pursue a Lemon Law claim in Montana, you could receive a cash settlement or a refund on all or part of your purchase price. Protect your rights, interests and investment and start the process of getting rid of that lemon today. By standing up for your rights you prove to the big manufacturers that they must be held responsible for making less than satisfactory products. Montana State Lemon Laws and the Federal Lemon Law (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) provide for payment of your attorney’s fees and court costs. If you think you have a lemon, call toll free 888-KO-LEMON for a free consultation, click here for a free Lemon Law case review, or simply fax or email your repair records to 866-773-6152 now for IMMEDIATE attention.

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